„Facts! Huh! What are they good for?“ or Sapere Aude!

us This has been bugging me for a long while now. Through the internet we are as well-informed as never before. We have access to virtually every information that exists. Yet, people seem to be drawn to those information that are subjective, dramatically exaggerated and emotionally overloaded. It feels like we would be one of the first generations to be able to use the Whole Wide Wisdom and benefit from it. Find the information that is trustworthy and valueable and just extend your knowledge, be well-informed, know your shit.

Instead, what we seem to actually do with the internet is browse through articles whose titles end with „…will make you cry“ or „…will blow your mind“ because apparently we believe other people know how to make us cry or how we like to have our minds blown. We share pictures that „blow your mind“ with wisdoms like „Do what makes you happy“ or „friends that aren’t good friends, aren’t good friends“. We keep sharing news of people who have done terrible things, because apparently we feel obligated to share those horrors, like we could ever forget that the world isn’t a beautiful and peaceful place all around. We watch videos of content put out of its original context, mixed together so it seems to make sense and we believe it, because the video editing is legit.

This really can’t be what the internet was made for. It’s sad to think that people are more ill-informed and less inclined to an opinion that is based on facts and actual information than 20 years ago. That’s what it feels like, at least. We take the easy way out with superficial information because two million people already shared that article, so there must be something right to it. You can find opinions and inclinations on the internet but those are, in any way, just one side of any medal. We have articles, news sites, blogs, images, encyclopedias and other resources available at the click of a mouse button that don’t tell you what to think or how to respond to something. They will just tell you in straight facts what is going on and you are left to actually form your own opinion. It seems, all we do nowadays is agree or disagree with something we see on the internet. No time to actually make up your own opinion from real facts.

If Immanuel Kant would see the access to free information we now enjoy and how we choose not to use it but instead just spread the opinions and plain bullshit of others, he would turn in his grave. There are a million questions in the world that if everyone had their answer for it, we would have a much more open debate about it and maybe actually change the underlying problem bit by bit. Just because people care about the topic. Why does racism still exist? Why are we so afraid to let refugees into our country? Why must some countries silence their people? Why doesn’t every child in the world have access to clean water and enough food to not starve? Why are there still people in the world who think that killing people of different or even the same religion is justified by a God? Why do some people prefer being paid for being unemployed than earning their salary through working? Why do CEOs get paid a hundredfold more than the worker that actually produces the product? Why do people think that it is justified to allow minorities less rights than majorities? Why are there people that think it’s a good idea to allow almost everyone to own a gun?

So many questions, so many answers. Make up your mind. Help the world to understand itself better. The problem is not to have different opinions, it’s to be ignorant, heartless and uncaring. Talk, discuss, argue, exchange facts, inform yourself and others. Listen to others and find out for yourself, if you can agree or not. Find reasons for yourself, why you like or dislike something. Be respectful and open-minded. It has never been as easy as today to research, listen and be heard. Use your head and your voice to make matters matter. People don’t need to cry or have their mind blown over stupid, manipulated, irrelevant shit. People need to not be numbed by bullshit lists of 31 things every 27-year old Bulgarian girl with a ponytail needs to do before turning 28.

Be curious, be resourceful. Don’t let the internet go to waste with content that is just meant to distract us for a minute or even manipulate us. That content solely exists so people can make money of page impressions. They have figured out that people react to emotional and simple content and they know how to manipulate you into making even more people click that shit. Be smarter than those business men and women tricking you into thinking you really need to read or watch this. One less click, one less like, one less share makes all the difference. Use that click to make a background check on Google or Wikipedia. Use that time to actually learn something. Sapere aude! Dare to be wise!

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